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Banana Haven Texas
Plant Care
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Plant Care

Banana Plant growing,Planting instructions and care.

Easy Winter Care:  During the winter months the trunks and leaves will turn a tan color and the plant will remain dormant until warmer weather when the growing season begins again. At this time, we cut ours back to a desired height of about 3 to four feet, snip off the old leaves and by early summer they reach their original heights, and taller, again. The trunks are easily cut with a large serrated knife or a sharp butcher knife, but wear old clothing

as the sap will stain. The bulbs will continue to grow and can get very large. These can be split for transplanting in the spring.  Our plants survive Texas winters and even survived a rare December snow we had in 2005. In the colder northern climates, you can spread straw or mulch around or over your bulbs if desired.




 South Texas snow didn't slow down thier growth !