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Texas Star Banana Plants

Welcome to our web site!

We are located in south Texas and our warm sun and high humidity make our Texas Star banana plants rapid growers. They are extremely hardy, easy to grow and require little care. 

With plenty of water during the spring and summer, they will prosper in other regions as well and will give your garden or lawn a beautiful tropical feel. After maturation, banana plants will grow to a height of at least 15 ft. if desired and begin producing a beautiful red pod which will eventually open to show small green bananas.

After ripening, these bananas are used by some for cooking or can be left on the tree for ornamentation.

 If you prefer a shorter plant, the tops can be cropped to the desired height. Within two days the cropped plant will begin putting out new green shoots on the area you cropped off.

 They look especially pretty around pools, fish ponds or water features. If left growing closely together, the plants provide shade for any area you wish.


  The majority of online banana plant sales sites are charging anywhere from $16.00 - $20.00 per bulb for these plants. We do not mark-up our plants in that manner, and our prices will never go up. All you have to do is go search the internet for pricing and you will see for yourself. We are a family based, family owned business, and we pride ourself on customer satisfaction for return, and referral business. If you are a home owner that needs a tropical landscape, or a landscape company, we have what you need, at un-beatable prices !

Purchase your TEXAS STAR banana plants today!

Winter Special : $ 9.99 ea.

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